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Our delectable range of vegetarian snacks is prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen with utmost care and hygiene. No more worries if you have people coming over last minute, as these frozen snacks just need to be heated before serving. So dish out a platter of snacks from our mouth-watering array: Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Thai Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Money Bags, Potato Cheese Balls, Vegetarian Shammi Kabab, Hara Bhara Kabab and Cheese Corn Triangles. Or just grab them all because you never know your midnight cravings! Delishh! takes adequate care takes adequate care in making our products reach the customer at a temperature of -18°C so that it is safe and healhty.

thai veg. spring rolls
veg. spring rolls
potato cheese balls
hara bhara kabab
veg. money bags
veg. shammi kababs
cheese corn triangles